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E3 was successful for little guys too

Jason Dobson

Okay, we admit it. Despite E3's recent return to form, we missed Kentia Hall's secluded cave of unspoken delights, if only for its cheap food and even cheaper thrills. Still, the lack of a space to call their own didn't stop some companies from venturing to the surface and setting up shop in the outskirts of E3 proper. It's an adventure that, according to some, was well worth the effort. Glad we all agree.

Operating a booth on the fringe of South Hall, Gamer Grub's Raphael DiBianco was one of a handful of smaller outfits that got something out of the experience. The game snack pusher told IndustryGamers that while it didn't invest much money into its E3 presence, "we got a lot of bang out of what we did." Still, he joked that the big guys at the show "ostracize the little kids and leave us in the corner." Just be glad, DiBianco, this isn't the E3 of old. Oh, the hazing stories we could tell.

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