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Guildwatch: He's really, really sorry

Mike Schramm

You've got to hear this guy included in our drama section this week -- he accidentally ninja'd a piece of loot, and he was so sorry that he not only apologized on the forums, he actually made some YouTube videos to apologize in virtual person. And they are terrific -- the music is amazing, and he just keeps talking and talking and talking. We could listen to him all day, actually. Definitely check it out.

That story and many more in this week's Guildwatch, back up to full strength after a short version last week. If you have drama, downed or recruiting tips to share with us from around the realms, send them right along to Click the link below to read on.


  • Here's a cool story from Unyielding, a guild on Terenas. They've got quite a few folks in the Denver area, and they decided to put together a BBQ. Beating travel, rain, snow, and even a thunderstorm, they had a sixteen-person get-together, with a whole eight people coming in from out of state. Now that is a heck of a crowd! Very cool. Glad to hear everyone had a great time getting to know their guildies better.
  • Whee, more progression thread drama. Enigma on Nagrand doesn't like the current guild progression thread, and they want to overthrow it to make their own (they'd rather people only noted hard mode kills, not all kills). Unfortunately, most of the trolls from Enigma were reported (but check out the post numbers, and you can see just how many posts were cleansed in the holy fire). Enigma is no stranger to drama -- apparently they had a Death Knight named Pussikat leave their guild, and they were very unhappy about that, so much so that they declared him dead to them on their website. We hear that's a made-up smear campaign designed to get Pussikat kicked out of his current guild, but it sounds like both sides have been up to shenanigans. Which, really, only makes it more funny.
  • This one doesn't start out too strange, but it definitely ends up there. Legion of the Night on Sargeras had a guildie who just wasn't happy with the loot system -- she was extremely unhappy that they were using loot council, and that she never got picked to go with the raiding crew. But after she left the guild, that's when things got nuts -- the GM started getting whispers from level 1 alts claiming people were ninja-ing the guild bank, or that the loot council was biased. 400 whispers later (in just a matter of days), he ranted in guild chat and then split. Apparently there was chaos, and when all the dust settled, it turned out that some guildies had been in on the plot. Some left, some were /gkicked, and they lost about six guildies total. What a mess. Hopefully the worst is over, and they can get through it now.
  • This isn't the first time No Dice on Thunderlord has been called a ninja guild -- they've long been suspected of nabbing gear that didn't really belong to them. Still, their GM has an explanation: it was a mistake, and he makes them all the time. His guildie was told, apparently, to enter a ticket. But he decided to gem and enchant it first, for some reason.
  • We can't say we have any idea what's going on here, but our tipster tells us that TheSafetyWordisBearMount on Kil'jaeden-A is "a guild full of trolls and ninjas," and that this is their latest trolling episode. It's... funny? Maybe?
  • Exiled Dreamers on Proudmoore got disbanded after their GL jumped servers. And here's the real harshness: he only whispered a few people (those he liked, apparently) to offer to join him, and yet he took the whole guild bank. What a jerk.
  • This is a classic, though unfortunately it's gone. Apparently the GM of Esquire on Mal'ganis decided to eBay his character, and in the actual auction, he decided to include his guild's bank. Unfortunately, eBay put the kibosh on the auction, so we can't see exactly how he sold it, but wow. That takes guts.
  • This is just loot drama (someone got a ring that Rueben, formerly of Triad, really wanted), but man it hits on all the drama cliches: wall of text, inflated sense of importance in tone, and even a reply from the guild. The funniest part is probably that Rueben starts out by saying he wants to set the record straight, because people are saying that he left the guild because he didn't get the ring. But then it turns out that, yes, he left the guild, wait for it... because he didn't get the ring. Poor guy. If only there was other loot to get in the game. Oh wait.
  • Annuit Coeptis is coming back to Shadowsong. The guild is not actually reforming until August, but the trash talking between them and a few other guilds on the server starts now.
  • Listen, Kilrogg. Elonduel is really sorry about all the stuff he's done on your server. Really sorry. In fact, he's so sorry that he's made some videos. We don't actually know what he's done, but man, what a choice of background music. It might actually be pretty funny for someone to turn a few minutes of this (we definitely don't need the whole thing) into a machinima. It's quite absurd. And man, it just goes on and on. And on. And there's more.
  • Good Omen of EU Deathwing picked up Glory of the Raider a little while back. Grats! They're also recruiting a few more for some focused endgame raiding.
  • Virtue of Cenarion Circle is a newly reformed raiding guild -- they put a test run together and demolished 10-man Naxx, finishing off everything including Sapphiron and Kel'thuzad. They even one-shotted Plague, Arachnid, and Construct Quarters. Nice job!
  • Silent Redemption on Feathermoon has downed Leviathan, Deconstructor, and Razorscale on Heroic. They say more to come, too. Grats!
  • Beartron on Eonar has put Naxx 25 on farm and made their way into Ulduar, finishing off Leviathan, Razorscale, and Deconstructor. They're also 5/15 in Ulduar 10, and seeking both Priests and an Ele Shammy.
  • We Wipe on Trash on Arygos killed Emmalon, Malygos, Flame Leviathan, Ignis, Razorscale, Deconstructor, and Kologarn. The crazy cat lady is on notice. They're also seeking some late-night raiders.
  • Ad Libitum on EU Ghostlands cleared Naxx 10 for the first time the other week, and then did it again for fun. They say they're proud, as they're a casual guild who're raiding just for kicks. Sounds good to us.
  • Sweet Serenity on EU Burning Steppes have downed Yogg-Saron In Ulduar 10. They're working through 25-man now, and are also recruiting DPS and Healers.
  • Vindication on EU Hellfire has downed all but the big four (Mimiron, General, Yoggy, and Algalon) in 10-man Ulduar. We're putting Mimiron on notice for them now.
  • iRaid of Stormscale has downed the first ten bosses in Ulduar 25, which they say sent them into the top 10 of their server. Grats! Additionally, they are also still recruiting.
  • The alliance between Purple People Eaters and Shadow Keepers of Insanity on EU Darkspear managed to down Kel'thuzad for the first time last month. Gluth, Gothik and Loatheb all got one-shotted, and after three attempts on Sapph, and a few more on KT, Naxx got cleared out. Grats!
  • Tyrant of Nesingwary finished off General Vezax in 10-man Ulduar (all the more impressive considering that they're an actual guild of just ten people -- who says you need 25 raiders to have fun?). Yogg Saron is on notice for the next time.
  • Dragonvein of Borean Tundra downed the entire Arachnid Quarter of Naxxramas. Nice job! Arachnid Plague Quarter is on notice (since they've already downed Arachnid -- thanks commenters).
  • Endeavor on Blade's Edge got the Undying title on only their second attempt. Apparently they were nuts on Kel'thuzad, yelling out on Vent every time someone ended up in a fissure. But they got him down -- way to go!
  • Kupo, a casual Alliance guild on Misha , has cleared Naxx 10. Last week, they were unable to clear the Plague or Construct Quarters, and this week, they went all the way to KT and got him down! They raid only one night a week, so this is quite an achievement. Nice job.
  • Forlorn Legacy of Windrunner cleared out Freya's hard mode, and they've even got video to prove it over on their website.
  • The Bakers of Muffington, a small IRL friend guild, has found time between Flame "Lootviathan" runs, finals and going surprise AFK in the middle of boss fights to finish a full 10-man Naxx clear. With two Malygos keys and a foot in the door of Yogg-Saron's lair, they hope to move on to, if not bigger, then more distinctly purple-shaded things.
  • Order of Elune of EU Turalyon is currently making great progress in Ulduar 10-man, with 10 bosses down! They will now be focusing their efforts on Mimiron, and will eventually head into heroic as well. Looking for Rogues and Mages particularly, though any applications are welcome.
  • Ravensong on EU Aszune is a reroll project that formed back in April, and not only demolished 10-man Sartharion and three whole quarters of Naxxaramas on their first night of raiding, but went on to down Military Quarter, Sapphiron, Kel'thuzad and Archavon on the second night. Grats!
  • The Crew on Blade's Edge has cleared Naxx using only guild members. "Let the farming and prep for EOE and Ulduar begin!" they say. We concur.
  • The Hit Listers on Eredar downed 10/14 bosses in 10-man Ulduar on their first week in the instance. Very nice job.
  • Gnomeland Security on EU Mazrigos-A is now recruiting healers for healing people and bashing ancient Titan relics open. They're 2/14 in Ulduar so far, so if you want to join them, hit the website and fill out an app.
  • UC Elevator Victims (EU Auchindoun-H) is recruiting members for our 25-man raid group and second 10-man raid group. They've recently finished off Naxx 10 and want to continue progressing, so look them up in game for more info.
  • Essence of Grandeur on Kael'thas is recruiting Shamans and cloth wearers, all specs, for 10-mans and eventually 25-mans in the near future. They have Naxx and OS on farm and are currently working on Ulduar. They go for personality and dedication over phat loots -- not that they have any problem with getting phat loots.
  • Time and Tide of EU Earthen Ring-A are recruiting mature and eager players to participate in "serious progression with a casual schedule." They raid three nights a week while having fun on Vent, and are currently raiding through Ulduar 25 and learning the bosses. Shamans are most needed right now, but check class availablility and put in an app at their website if interested.
  • Grumpy Ole SoulZ is a group of mature, responsible gamers who enjoy leveling alts, ZG mount runs, working on getting that fishing skill up and just making the most out of their time spent with WoW. In addition, they're aiming to progress through 10-man content and to that end, they are especially interested in healers and tanks looking to raid 2-3 nights/week. RL always comes first, though.
  • Hey Now on Eitrigg-A is looking to recruit new members, but lowbies only. They don't care about your gear or stats, they're not raid oriented, all they like to do is "get wasted and talk s$*# on Vent." Instance runs will happen, but they promise they'll be fun. They want the game to be what it is: a game, not a chore.
  • The Accused is a family-style guild that's a fun-lovin' bunch of drunkards looking to kick a little ass here and there. They're a mostly older, mature crowd ... meaning a lot of foul language, beer drinking, and busting on each other. They're not hardcore, but they do raid -- always casual and optional. In fact, they say everything in the guild is optional, except the utter and complete intolerance of being a jerk. If that sounds good to you, check them out.
  • Darkest Before Dawn on the Drenden server are trying to provide a solution to hardcore raiding vs real life. They're a progression raiding guild, where you need to know your class well, come having done your homework and attend raids, but with a three night a week raiding schedule, they allow for a balance between the game and real life. They are currently looking for healers of any class except Priest, Mages, and Boomkin for Ulduar 25 core raiding spots. Other ranged DPS are also encouraged to apply. Check out the website for more.
  • Warders of Azeroth on the server EU Blackhand are trying to recruit new people for Ulduar 25. They suffered a minor split recently and lost a few raiders, but they're getting back together to topple content. They raid two or three evenings a week, and currently need everybody: 1-2 tanks, two healers, and about five DPS. Mages are the only class they're full on, and Hunters, Warlocks and Ret Pallys would be welcome.
  • Defenders of Justice on Lightbringer is currently accepting applications from friendly players. If you enjoy a social atmosphere, are a team player who wants to have fun and wants to move forward and help the guild succeed, seek them out. Over on the website, head to the newcomer forum and check out the code of conduct first.
That's it for GW this week. We are way backed up on recruiting posts, so if you really need to recruit people into your guild, you might try the forums instead. And guys -- please take a look at how things are formatted above, and please send us similarly formatted emails, so this doesn't take years to do. If you send 2000 words on the entire history of your guild, I'm just going to delete it. Keep it short, sweet, and clear, please.

Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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