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Nintendo reveals specialized DS software for classrooms


Japanese schools have integrated the Nintendo DS into their curricula before, but now there is a program specifically designed for that use. Demonstrating its commitment to make the DS a multifunctional lifestyle device, Nintendo announced a new educational program being made in collaboration with Sharp System Products. The DS Kyoushitsu ("DS Classroom") program allows a teacher to use a PC to interface over local wireless with up to 50 DS systems in a classroom.

The system can be used for problem sets, with the answers checked automatically and sent to the teacher's PC, surveys, tests, and other multiple-choice activities. In addition, non-multiple-choice questions can be answered by writing or drawing on the DS's touch screen, with screen images sent to the teacher.

The program can be used with any DS, so presumably it's up to schools whether or not they need to provide hardware. We're pretty sure Japanese school kids have easy access to DS systems already.

[Via Andriasang]

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