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Olympus E-620 reviewed, does entry-level DSLR right

Tim Stevens

When Olympus introduced the E-620 it was presented as a sort of greatest hits camera, cramming many of the features found in the higher-end E-30 into a small body like that on the E-450, then selling it at a middle-of-the-road price. It sounds like a tall order, but according to Photography Blog it's a an almost complete success, offering "the most effective combination of features, ease-of-use and price of any Olympus DSLR camera to date." Not everything is perfect, with low-light performance suffering from visible noise degradation, blamed on the relatively petite sensor here, and the lack of video capture being something of a detriment. But, overall image quality is rated very high, in-body image stabilization effective, the flip-out LCD useful, and overall it's said to be a great value for its $699 MSRP -- that it's already selling for well over $100 less than that is an extra bonus.

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