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Project Natal making a guest appearance on Jimmy Fallon tonight

Remember when Jimmy Fallon said he was "going to treat a video game premiere as if it was a movie premiere"? Yeah, we do too. While Punch-Out!! was cute, it didn't quite cut the mustard around here. How about Microsoft's controller-less wunderkind Project Natal? It's such a hot premiere, it's a year early! Eighteen months early? Two years? Who knows, it's early!

Regardless, Fallon's invited Microsoft's own Kudo Tsunoda to show off his sunglasses indoors again (mark our words). But that's not all – he's bringing along a prototype Project Natal camera (see the decidedly unattractive box above) and a demo of Ricochet, the ball-slapping simulator (ahem) they showed off during the E3 keynote. Unfortunately, it's not the best-looking demo we can imagine showing on a 108" display (it's bested by Punch-Out!!) but the tech is what's on display here. Tune in at 12:35pm ET (or thereabouts) to watch for yourself.

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