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TUAW First Look: iPhoto2Twitter


If you use Twitter as much as I do, then you're going to love iPhoto2Twitter, an iPhoto plugin from Blue Crowbar Software. While sending iPhone pictures to Twitter is a piece of cake, it usually takes more steps to prepare a photo on a Mac to become a photo-tweet.

The idea of iPhoto2Twitter is simple; as you're going through your iPhoto library checking out your photographic art works, you can tweet them with a few clicks. The plugin, which sells for €4.95 (approx. US$7.00), weighs in at a tiny 356 KB and works very well.

Once the plugin has been installed, tweeting photos is as easy as selecting them, choosing File > Export, and then clicking on the new iPhoto2Twitter tab. Enter your 140 characters of sparkling witticisms, choose a size for the photo, and then click Export to send the photo and tweet. I only found one issue with the plugin; as you can see, the "r" has disappeared from the name:

Setup is extremely fast, since you only need to enter your Twitter ID and password once. If it's stored in your keychain, iPhoto2Twitter will enter the information for you. If you use Aperture instead of iPhoto, never fear -- Blue Crowbar also sells Aperture2Twitter for €5.95 (approx. US$8.40).

As a Twitter user (@stevensande) with a huge gallery of photos, I'm going to love using iPhoto2Twitter to share my images with the world, and I'm sure you will too.

Update: Within an hour of this post, Steven from Blue Crowbar had noted the missing "r" in the app (caused by a missing font on my Mac) and released version 1.1 which uses a picture instead of text for the name. That's great service from a software developer!

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