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Famitsu lifts camouflage off Metal Gear Arcade

Jason Dobson

It's a little known fact that here at Joystiq we have a pretty extensive collection of coins, both big and small. It's a source of pride, but even so we're just as eager as you are to empty our piggy banks in the name of Hideo Kojima and his mysterious Metal Gear Arcade. The project was one of E3's most enigmatic announcements, with few details offered to accompany our baffled looks and gaping maws.

Now some news about the game comes from Famitsu's latest issue -- but you might want to sit down for this. No really, as the mag reports that Metal Gear Arcade will be played sitting down while wearing 3D glasses and using a "special controller that allows for separate movement and viewpoint controls." The game will also support both solo and 16-player co-op matches. It sounds like we'll be trading these quarters for yen when Metal Gear Arcade targets Japanese arcades later this year.

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