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First Look: Get Home for iPhone

Cory Bohon

If you own a GPS system, then you're sure to know about the best feature ever invented for GPS: The "Take Me Home" button. Most GPS systems can store your home location and route you back to it with a single tap. The iPhone, of course, doesn't have one of these features ... until now.

Get Home [iTunes link] gives you many options for finding your way back home. You can add a button to the main screen of the app that will call a taxi, find your current location, call a contact, text message a contact, get walking directions, or find a bus route. At the bottom of the app's main screen, you will find how far away you are from your home location. From this same screen, you can tap any of the buttons you've added to open the Maps app and perform the requested action; for instance getting walking directions. If you select to phone a person or text a person, those actions will be carried out immediately as well.

Get Home is a good application for people who like to do a specific task from one application. The main purpose of this application, which is to find a way home, can be carried out mainly with the Maps application and saving bookmarks. That being said, Get Home does work as advertised and does have a nice interface. You can purchase Get Home from the App Store for $1.99 US.

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