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LotRO dev diary looks at Bree-land overhaul in Volume 2: Book 8

William Dobson

One of the features of the next Lord of the Rings Online update, Volume 2: Book 8, is a revamping of some of the game's low to mid-level quests. The latest developer diary on the official site elaborates on the methods through which this will be achieved. A great deal of the overhauling will focus on the Bree-land zone, including Bree-town. Come Book 2.8, the area will be changed to be of more use to players between the levels 14-22, and we're promised two distinct questing paths that will lead to different places in the zone, and hopefully highlight some of the bigger storylines of Bree-land.

As Bree-land will become more commonly used by Tier 2 players, the crafting nodes in the area will also be changed to their Tier 2 versions. New repeatable "bounty quests" will be available, and existing quest rewards have been completely revised to ensure their usefulness for players in the adjusted level range. To learn more about all of the above changes, make sure to read the full dev diary.

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