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Samsung's E1107 packs solar power, not much else

Chris Ziegler

ZTE already proved that solar power can make a ton of sense in the low end of the market, so we're not sure why Sammy thought it could get away with the "World's First Solar Phone" tagline here -- but at any rate, Asian, European, and Latin American locales can look forward to the E1107 hitting retail this month. The ultra-basic candybar claims to get 5 to 10 minutes of talk time for every hour sitting in the sun, and depending on how much you talk, that could be enough to take the place of a wall charger altogether. One look at the phone should tell you that there isn't much going on here gizmo-wise outside of the solar cells, but one nifty feature is a built-in fake call app that'll let you call yourself in a pinch to get out of an unwanted conversation. Sure, the iPhone already has an app for that, but is the iPhone solar? We didn't think so.

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