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Sleek Audio adds Kleer to custom tuned CT6 earphones

Darren Murph

It's been quite some time since Sleek Audio introduced its first set of custom tuned earphones, but now that folks are growing anxious for a true SA6 followup, it has gone and done the right thing by introducing the CT6. If you'll recall, Sleek decided to add Kleer's wireless technology to its original SA6 buds back in October of last year, and evidently that went over extraordinarily well. To that end, the CT6 packs Kleer's tech right from the factory, and they can even go back to wired mode thanks to the removable swivel cables. Improving upon the prior model, these boast up to 35dB of noise reduction as well as a custom tuning option that tweaks 'em to your preferences before you buy. Just think -- you can take that whole "equalizing" thing into your own hands today for just $350 (sans wireless) or $450 (with Kleer).

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