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The Daily Roundup: here's what you might've missed

Ross Miller

iPhone 3G S supports OpenGL ES 2.0, but 3G only supports 1.1 -- will the App Store splinter?
A 2.0-only app can't simply run on a 1.1-only device and not look as good -- it won't work at all.

Apple's new MacBook Pro family unboxing and hands-on!
What would you call this? A "fleet" of MacBook Pros? A "catch?" A "murder," perhaps?

WebOS homebrewers say 'Hello World!' to Palm Pre
It's begun. Although lacking a general release of the SDK, the first homebrew apps have emerged thanks to last night's leaked WebOS root image.

Other news of import

Toshiba REGZA ZV650, XV648 and SV670 HDTVs hands-on
Remember that trio of HDTV families that Toshiba told us about this morning? You know, those models that you've been waiting for since CES?

Nokia's N86 8MP now shipping worldwide
Just under two months. That's how long it took Nokia's N86 8MP to go from FCC to store shelves here in America.

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