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The Daily Roundup: here's what you might've missed

Ross Miller

Archos announces Archos 9 Windows 7 tablet
Archos is currently having an event in France, and while we're still expecting some sort of Android announcement, the company's leading off with the Archos 9, a nine-inch Windows 7 tablet.
Jimmy Fallon rocks out with Project Natal
They weren't just setting up Project Natal on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon set last night for nothing, you know -- Microsoft's Kudo Tsunoda was on the show, giving a little demo to Jimmy, John Krasinski, and Stephen Moyer.
Lenovo's ThinkPad T400s in the wild, still waiting on an official debut
Lenovo is apparently slimming down its T400 series ThinkPads, with the new T400s being caught in the wilds of technologyland.
Other news of import
Mitsubishi's 3D-ready and Unisen HDTV lines in the flesh
Toshiba already showed us what its freshest line of HDTVs looks like, and now its Mitsubishi's turn.
Is this T-Mobile's Samsung Bigfoot with Android, AMOLED, and QWERTY?
So this really doesn't look anything like that Bigfoot we saw a little while ago, but we can sorta see the familial resemblance if we squint really (really, really) hard.

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