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Wiimote genius Johnny Chung Lee on Project Natal team


Here's an interesting piece of E3 news we missed due to being at E3. Johnny Chung Lee, the human-computer interaction Ph.D. who came to prominence for his brilliant Wiimote interface hacks, announced on his blog that he's part of the team making Microsoft's Project Natal, something that suddenly increases the believability factor of its functionality by quite a bit.

Lee said that he isn't responsible for anything seen in the E3 demo, however. "The part I am working on has much more to do with making sure this can transition from the E3 stage to your living room - for which there is an even larger team of very smart, very hard working people involved." For once, we can say that Microsoft has made the absolute best move possible. If you're designing a new video game interface that uses a camera or motion tracking of any kind, hire this person.

[Via CNet]

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