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Kent Displays's Reflex LCD Electronic Skin changes colors to match your shirt, lipstick

Tim Stevens

Is that Coco Chanel cellphone applique you got at the mall starting to look a little... last season? Kent Displays Reflex LCD Electronic Skins may be the perfect partner to your fickle ways, changing colors on demand to suit your every mood and/or outfit. The company first started talking them up late last year and now is finally showing them off, flexible single-pixel displays with an eight-color range and the ability to be layered to form multiple color-changing regions, like logos for your next alternative advertising venture. Despite the demonstration videos below these still don't seem to be ready for consumer purchase, rather Kent appears to be looking for manufacturing partners. Hurry up and get those production lines working -- our corporate Blackberries aren't getting any more interesting by themselves.

[Via Engadget German]

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