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Lost Planet 2: 'Day and Date launch on both platforms is the plan' says Capcom


Following a release schedule update on the official Japanese Lost Planet 2 site -- which seemed to indicate a window of exclusivity for Xbox 360 -- Capcom USA has confirmed to Joystiq that the game will ship for Microsoft and Sony's platforms simultaneously in the US and Europe. "Day and Date launch on both platforms is the plan," Capcom PR director Chris Kramer told us. "Might ship a bit earlier in Japan (like RE5), but US/European releases will be simultaneous."

Kramer couldn't confirm a hard release date, though, instead pointing to the timetable we've already seen. "Winter is the best we can do right now," he admitted. While there are those who undoubtedly want to see the Lost Planet sequel on shelves ASAP, it'd be a shame for it to get lost in the holiday shuffle.

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