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Skype not coming to the Pre any time soon

Chris Ziegler

Given Skype's overwhelming popularity and the strong push it's made into the mobile space with native builds for WinMo, iPhone, and BlackBerry (never mind the more generic Java client and the actual freaking Skypephone itself), you might think that the company would be itching to roll out a client for the buzzworthy Pre -- but it's not to be, at least not in the short term. Speaking to GigaOM, a company spokesperson has said that it'll "continue to keep [its] eye on Palm's Pre and webOS platform," but for now, there's nothing to announce. In other words, these guys are more concerned about hard numbers than they are raw buzzworthiness, and let's be honest -- it's not like they're hard up to sign on new users, so for now, we don't think the lack of a Pre client is going to hurt anyone in the pocketbook.

[Via PhoneArena]

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