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Max Payne 3 details from Game Informer hit the web


Leaving the gritty film noir New York City of Max Payne and its sequel behind for a more tropical environment (though still a major city), Max Payne's next game takes him to São Paulo, Brazil. According to the latest Game Informer scans from the magazine's July issue cover story, the "disrepute" Mr. Payne has fallen into can be attributed to 12 "lost years" between the events of the first two Paynes and the upcoming game.

Rockstar confirmed to Game Informer the addition of multiplayer as well, though -- big surprise! -- the company is keeping mum on too many details regarding whether it'll be co-op, versus, or the always mysterious "something else." For all the details, you'll want to check out the magazine when it hits your mailbox or local brick-and-mortar.

[Via VG247]

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