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Alienware M17x unboxed... by Mr. Bicep

Nilay Patel

We noted that Alienware's "All Powerful" M17x gaming laptop was a hefty beast when we got our hands on it last month, so who better to unbox this 11.5-pound monster than Bruce Pechman, also known as Mr. Bicep? Apparently Bruce scored one of the first models off the line after betting the Alienware reps at E3 that he could do 17 straight one-arm lifts of the demo machine over his head, and his maxed-out rig packs a quad-core Core 2 Extreme, dual GeForce 260M graphics cards and a slot-loading Blu-ray burner -- all of which arrived in this gigantic 32-pound box. Yeah, it's a little ridiculous -- but you know you want it.

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