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Changes to instances and raids in LotRO's upcoming Book 8

Shawn Schuster

In a recent dev journal from Turbine's Jared "Amlug" Hall-Dugas, we get an inside look at some of the new changes to raiding and instances coming with Lord of the Rings Online's Book 8. As we first announced late last month through our Book 8 dev tour, these new instances are quite the focus in this newest content patch.

This dev journal goes into a bit more depth from the technical side of what we can expect from the new instances, changes to existing instances and the changes to item drops in instances and raids. Amlug also explains the drop rate changes for First Age weapons per Watcher run, and the increased availability of Radiance gear for those runs. You can check out the complete journal over at Amlug's page, and keep an eye on Massively as we get closer to Book 8's release, later this month.

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