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Google updates Maps through the Android Market

Chris Ziegler

Google has updated its Maps app for Android -- perhaps the most vital, central app in the platform outside of the dialer itself -- and fortunately for G1, Dream, and Magic users around the world, they've made the update available through the Android Market. That's a really big deal and a major departure from basically every other mobile platform, because it means that folks won't be waiting for carriers and manufacturers to get off their rumps and release firmware updates -- instead, integrated components of the operating system can be pushed out through the Market just like any other app you'd install. The new version's a doozy, too, featuring voice search, more comprehensive support for Latitude, detailed business information, and pedestrian / mass transit navigation, arguably making the Android version of Maps the most robust on any phone. Seeing how Android is Google's own, seems fitting, doesn't it?

[Thanks, Justin]

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