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It Came from the Blog: Now recruiting


[Guild Recruitment - City] It came from the Blog is now recruiting. We are an ultra casual guild where writers join in scheduled events with readers. We have a tabard and even a Guild Bank (though usually empty). PST to Robiness if interested.

With the Midsummer Fire Festival coming up, we think it's time to revive the activities of our very own guild: It Came from the Blog. We will be announcing the date and time of our desecrating fires run soon, as well as other events that may or many not coincide with in-game holidays.

If you want to join us, make a Horde character on Zangarmarsh U.S. and ask an ICftB member for an invite -- many have the ability. I will also be popping in and out on one of my characters: Robiness, Robinelle, Robinella or Robinara. (Perhaps you see a trend?)

Events in the past have been for any level and the Midsummer Fire Festival get-together will be the same, but it is always easier to get around if you are mounted and/or old enough to defend yourself against mobs along the way. Also, there will be some events that are designed for higher levels. If you are interested in joining us, I recommend making a Death Knight on Zangarmarsh and getting it through the initial quests, so that it will be available when we start up again.

For more information about It came from the Blog, please read our FAQ.

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