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T-Mobile myTouch 3G spotted in the wild, G1 starting to feel unloved

Chris Ziegler

Haven't managed to get your hands on an Ion just yet? Hang tight, because a branded myTouch 3G has found its way into the wilds today, which we take to mean that a launch can't be that far off. Actually, it can -- who are we kidding -- but the hopeless optimist in us wants to believe that this is about to happen. The poster over on Android Forums says that this particular device was handed out by someone at Google, not T-Mobile; there's no telling what that really means to us, other than the fact that this is most definitely a "Google experience" Android device just like its older G1 brother (as the "with Google" badge on the back would also suggest). Exchange users, yeah, sorry about that.

[Via TmoNews]

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