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The music of EVE Online now available on iTunes

Many pilots have spent hours in New Eden, mining, exploring, missioning, ratting, PvPing - and enjoying the soundtrack all the while. For fans of electronica, EVE Online's music ranges from calm downtempo to trance-like. At other times, it soars to the fore with a more techno or EBM feel, just in time to get your blood moving. So far as sci-fi MMO soundtracks go, EVE Online's soundtrack is a favorite of several folks here at Massively - which is saying something when one considers how tedious many MMO soundtracks get after hours of playing!

For those of you who, like us, really love the music of EVE Online. CCP has some good news. They have patrnered together with RealX to release the soundtrack for New Eden to the iTunes store so everyone can get their hands on it. Individual tracks are the typical iTunes $ .99 each, with the entire 11-song first edition of the soundtrack for a non-discounted $10.89. Still, it warms our ratting hearts to see this soundtrack out there. We can't wait until the entire soundtrack is available too - maybe at a discount?

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