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Unlock Legendary cars (for free!) in Burnout Paradise: Big Surf Island


Don't want to pony up the $8 to download Burnout Paradise's premium "Legendary" cars? Well, here's a cheaper alternative: buy Big Surf Island for $13, as it includes special toy versions of all four DLC cars. You can get a cute mini version of the hovering 88 Special (pictured above), Bootlegger, Manhattan Spirit and GT Nighthawk by completing various tasks around the new Burnout island:
  • Toy Hunter Cavalry Bootlegger - Jump from all 15 Island Mega Jumps
  • Toy Jansen P12 88 Special - Hit all 45 Island Billboards
  • Toy Carson GT Nighthawk - Complete all 24 Island Road Rules (Timed & Showtime)
  • Toy Hunter Manhattan Spirit - Hit all 75 Island Smashes
We'll admit that we were too cheap to pay for the Legendary DLC, but with a little bit of skill, we'll be able to drive our own Ghostbusters-inspired car in no time.

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