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Aion summer beta schedule revealed

Brooke Pilley

Renewed speculation about Aion's North American release date began swirling when a couple online retailers listed it at September 1, 2009. We have now come across some interesting information in the July issue of Beckett Massive Online Gamer that suggests NCsoft may indeed meet the target. The magazine lists these key dates:

  • June 19-21: Asmodian closed beta capped at level 10
  • July 3-5: Asmodian level cap increases
  • July 17-19: Abyss only with unrestricted flight and hopefully a lot of PvP
  • August 14-17: First open beta
  • August 19-23: Second open beta
The dates are listed as "accurate as of press time" and may be subject to change, but we can confirm the Asmodian beta will commence this weekend and that it will be capped at level 10. You can definitely be sure of one thing: Massively will be there to cover each and every Aion beta event from now until release.

[Via: Keen and Graev]

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