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Apple's glossy screens will 'mess you up,' University report warns


Attention, ergonomics buffs: an advisory recently published by Queensland University of Technology is predicting a rash of injuries as a result of users straining to get a clear look at Apple's "high gloss" screens, and the ergonomically unsound postures and positions that result. If you should find yourself in possession of one of these "torture displays" (as we think Apple should refer to them in their advertising from now on), Queensland Tech offers many suggestions for staying healthy, including: Placing the monitor so that screen is at a 90 degree angle to overhead lighting, closing the curtains or blinds to minimize glare, and adjusting the contrast / turning down the brightness. Of course, we're sure you've already tried all those things if you're one of the parties effected -- what, then is a strained MacBook user to do? We don't know, but maybe the Grippity guy will come up with something.

[Via Apple Insider]

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