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Development on 360 version of FFXIII just two months old


Considering the impressive demo of Final Fantasy XIII running on Xbox 360 shown off at the Microsoft presser during E3, we were shocked to find out recently that the build being demoed was actually less than six months old. The game's producer Yoshinori Kitase told Giant Bomb during E3 that, "Up to the trial demo version that was released in Japan, [the game] was PS3-only in terms of development."

He explains further, saying, "The Xbox 360 version is definitely following after the PS3 version, but [we] were finally able to come to a point in the PS3 development where some of the staff could take their hands off and start programming the 360 version." Seems as though the claims that the PS3 version would be complete before work on 360 development started were a bit ... overzealous?

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