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Ghostcrawler talks about 3.2 Hunter changes

I don't know about you, but with all these announcements about the 3.2 Patch being released. I have been sitting idly by gnawing at the bit and tempted to shout out, "Ghostcrawler! What are you going to do about us Hunters! Show us some love already!"

Well it seems that our favorite Lead Systems Designer must have had the same thought as he posted up some insights over on the Official Forums in the Hunter's Questions and Commentary thread.

In typical Ghostcrawler style we get no promises (I guess that pony is still not happening. Sorry Eliah.). But we do get some pretty interesting insights on what the Blizzard development team is considering to do to fix some very common complaints.

  • Ammo costs
  • Pet scaling
  • Crowd control and trapping

Read on for more details.

Addressing the question of the ever growing and the ongoing expense of ammo for Hunters. Ghostcrawler simply stated, "We agree with the comments that ammo costs have gotten too high. It was acceptable when hunters realistically did not die as often, and thus didn't have high repair bills. But it has gotten too high now." Maybe we can finally see some of those ammo changes that never made it into 3.1.

Hunters often feel that Blizzard is ignoring our pets. This doesn't seem to be the case sometime in the futurein 3.2. Ghostcrawler talks a bit more about pet scaling. Discussing how changes need to happen because hunters are starting to stack specific stats (e.g. Attack Power over Critical Strike Rating) just to improve pet damage.

Finally, one of the biggest complaints about Hunters is how our ability to do stellar crowd control has gone the way of the dodo with the release of Wrath of The Lich King.

Good news Hunters! The development team feels the same way. Ghostcrawler put it this way, "But we did design the hunter around having potent CC, and we don't think their CC feels scary any longer. Traps are probably in most need of some attention here. "

And at the end of it all, Ghostcrawler gave us his ever present tease and hinted at more news going forward at the Hunter Class Q&A sometime in the future.

I know it's not a pony, but man I'm actually excited about what might be happening in the future 3.2 now. What about you?

(edited: as pointed out by some of our commenters, I went back a reread the original post. It does seem that Ghostcrawler does not commit a specific release for the changes. I guess I got a bit overly excited with this tidbit of news.)

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