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Pixel Equity offers games and good intentions for needy children


A long time ago, Joystiq reviewed Being a Good Person, calling it "a lot of fun" and "something everyone should try," making it one of the few things to ever receive Joystiq's coveted Editor's Choice Award and a perfect 10/10 review. If you haven't tried Being a Good Person yet, you might want to check out Pixel Equity, a new charity "that connects those who want to share video games with those who want to play them." Gamers will be able to donate money and used games to needy kids that can't afford what is still, admittedly, an expensive hobby.

It's a concept that certainly has good intentions behind it, but we're still a little skeptical of the site's limited donation options and lack of transparency. Currently, people can only donate to one NYC-based group, Youth Action Programs and Homes, which is requesting a PS3 and Wii, among other gaming items. As a startup charity, there are no case studies to read, and even more distressing, there's little information on who will get these donations, and how they will be used. Providing more information on the organizations that benefit from donations and offering tax exemptions are just a few things Pixel Equity can do if it continues to grow.

[Via Kotaku]

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