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Sirius XM iPhone app coming this week, says customer support

Ross Miller

Just in case a new iPhone model and OS 3.0 weren't enough goodies for this week, Sirius XM support team members are sending emails out announcing the company's long-awaited iPhone / iPod touch app will finally seeing the light of day and will launch this Thursday, June 18th. We just got off the phone with a customer service rep who confirmed the letters are legit, so unless there's some communication breakdown on the corporate ladder, looks like it's really, finally coming. It'll be available as a free download from the App Store, but those who subscribe to the gratis Basic Online Service will have to upgrade to the $2.99 monthly premium plan to have it on the go. We're a bit light on other details -- we can't imagine it being as full-featured as the standalone receivers -- but it's a good bet we'll have all our questions answered before the week is out.

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