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Sony's Walkman B-series zaps your tunes into submission

Tim Stevens

No, it doesn't have a big, beautiful OLED on the front, isn't running a trendy OS, and lacks any need for Morse code. It's a pretty standard USB-based MP3 player, with a few niceties. For one, it sports 18 hours of battery life, and three minutes of charging will keep you rocking for an hour and a half. For another, it'll do voice recording and tune FM. But, Sony's really talking up its ZAPPIN function, which helps you find music by playing five-second clips from the middle of tracks, a little like the scan mode your car's radio -- you know, the thing with dials and buttons that you plug your MP3 player into. We've seen this mode on Sony's screenless players in the past, where it makes sense, but we're not sure why anyone wouldn't just look down and use the LCD here. It's only three lines, but with 2GB of storage on tap there won't be that many tunes to scroll through. No price or availability have yet been set.

[Via Akihabara News]

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