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The Daily Roundup: here's what you might've missed

Ross Miller

Samsung's Omnia family hands-on, Samsung Jet and Pixon 12 come along for the ride
It's hard not to notice the stunning AMOLED screens on these phones, especially up against the dull-by-comparison Omnia Lite with its petty LCD.
Palm webOS system upgrades mandatory; hacking scene forbidden from tethering
The Pre and webOS have attracted a lot of talent in the past two weeks, and it'd be a shame to lose it. (See also: Palm Pre data tethering is a go, Sprint be damned)
Leaked Olympus E-P1 Micro Four Thirds compact has us hot, bothered
It's not scheduled to be announced until tomorrow, but it looks like Olympus' Micro Four Thirds tribute to the classic rangefinder has leaked out onto these here Internets looking every bit as handsome as the top-side leak seen earlier.
Other news of import
Analyst: Blu-ray can't stop video sales slump, sees modest growth in 2010
As frequently predicted, Blu-ray hasn't been enough to make up for sagging DVD sales, as a new Screen Digest report indicates a 4.8 percent slide worldwide last year, falling more than $2.6 billion.
Samsung Jet packs an 800MHz processor, AMOLED display, featurephone OS
Samsung's busy launching a bunch of handsets across even more timezones right now, and in addition to all the Omnia updates, there's also the Jet, which is an interesting hybrid.

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