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App updates, get yer fresh app updates -- maybe


As someone who is pretty addicted to downloading tons of apps on my now-antiquated iPhone, there are a lot of apps I just download, try, and forget. Like the 30+ fart apps I tried for a video, none of which I deleted. I have a thing about throwing stuff away, OK? Anyway, after all the OS 3.0 bruhaha died down, I decided to see what updates were available for the apps I keep. Two hundred. I have two hundred apps, many of them lite versions, itching to wiggle up into my download queue in iTunes.

Compounding my rather large and embarrassingly out-of-date queue of apps, I got a "mature content" warning for an app, although Apple never tells you which app might have the inappropriate content. Just a warning that some crazy crap is in that list of 200, so don't go giving your iPhone to the kids -- or something. Worse yet is I'm still getting the -4 error many, many users are complaining about (note: it basically means Apple's servers are getting hammered). So, for now, all my updates are belong to Apple's servers.

What apps are you updating?

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