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DataSlide's Hard Rectangular Drive set to revolutionize storage with diamonds, become girl's best friend

Tim Stevens

Ready to have your storage world rocked again? It seems like we're all just getting up to speed on SSDs and their, erm, unique behavior, but the upstart DataSlide pledges to make all that as obsolete as last year's platters. The company is developing what it calls "Massive 2D Parallel Storage Technology," which effectively takes the spinning disk of a standard HDD and turns it into a two-sided rectangular plate. That plate then slides in between two surfaces containing arrays of read/write heads, one head per sector. With no arms to zip around DataSlide is projecting up to 160,000 operations per second and 500MB/s transfer rates, numbers that blow even the fastest SSDs out of the water, and power consumption of less than four watts. That the heads and the storage are actually making physical contact all the time is disconcerting, but a diamond coating pledges "years of worry free service." Yes, diamonds, the things able to scratch just about anything else on the planet -- sounds like a great lubricant to us. While it'll be years before these things slide to retail, with Oracle on board hopefully this tech has enough backing to actually get there.

[Via ZDNet]

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