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Samsung gets official with its UT, UD-series video wall LCD products

Steven Kim

Samsung chose this week's InfoComm 2009 as the official coming-out party for some of its video wall goodies we first got wind of a few months back. As much as the above photo of four UT-series (Ultra Thin, we're guessing) super-slim bezel LCDs and UD (Ultra-Definition) control make us drool, we've got a feeling it's nothing compared to seeing an even bigger setup in person. The 460UT, 460UTn and 460UTn-UD LCDs tile up with only 6.7-mm of bezel between them, and up to 250 can be controlled by a single UD-server. Oh yeah, and that server can draw from 125 networked PCs to fill all those thirsty pixels. You know, for when your setup really does look like Mission Control. Sadly, prices are accordingly astronomical -- $6922, $7845 and $8614 for the UT, UTn and UTn-UD LCDs, respectively.
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