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Sirius XM app now live at the app store

Mel Martin

As expected Sirius has released the free iPhone/iPod touch app so satellite radio fans can listen wherever they go if they have an online subscription. The Sirius XM [App Store] offering is said to include 120 channels. The write up on iTunes does not mention Howard Stern, but says nothing definitive one way or the other. That's a bit ominous.

The app also allows you to purchase songs you hear at the iTunes store, and has a favorite channels setting. The app runs on OS 2.2.1 but has been tested on the just released iPhone/touch 3.0.

The channel selection is set up for both Sirius and XM subscribers. Sirius is offering a 7 day free trial for non-subscribers to try the service and see if they like it. This app has been expected for a long time, ever since the iPhone was first announced. A lot has changed in satellite radio since then, and it will be interesting to watch the dynamics of people getting their satellite radio with an Apple product rather than a dedicated satellite receiver.

Happy listening. (Update: Readers are telling us no Howard Stern, no MLB or NFL games. Oh my.)

Thanks to reader John Mackay for the tip.

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