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T-Mobile confirms next Android phone will be announced next week

Chris Ziegler

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Call it an announcement of an announcement, if you will -- not quite as detailed as we'd like, but it's one small morsel of information on the long road to the US' second Android handset. Perhaps in response to the Wall Street Journal's suggestion that T-Mobile would be releasing details on its next Android phone next week, a company spokesperson has said just that: "Next week, T-Mobile will share more details about its next Android-powered phone, the follow-on device to the T-Mobile G1 with Google." No mention is made of what that phone will be, but the odds-on favorite has to be the myTouch 3G, seeing how it's already launched in the form of the Google Ion -- it just needs a T-Mobile logo, some packaging, maybe a gently tweaked firmware, and it's ready to rock.

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