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Strauss Zelnick discusses Q4 release assault, ponders 'chicken and egg' of it


Thursday 18 June

160-something lbs. Still need to work off that extra E3 weight. LACC food is sooo delish!

Food consumed today:
Nutri-Grain bar. Steak with hollandaise. One of those plasmid drinks we're thinking of tying into BioShock 2.

Late afternoon. New York: my Take-Two office. Just read the VentureBeat interview published yesterday about me. Really hate that picture they used, I'm totally not working my chiseled features. Anyway, they asked me about delaying Red Dead Redemption and Mafia 2. I mean, come on, the holiday season is already packed. People will have even less cash this year. Maybe we'll get lucky and pull a GTA IV release with one of those titles? Haha, Diary. I know, we're not gonna get that lucky.

Anyway, they also asked me about that EEDAR report, which says games sell better in the fourth quarter. That's good and all, but couldn't it be argued that it's a "chicken and egg problem"? Like, people buy during the holiday because that's when games come out? We'll try something a little different. Oh well, that's enough philosophy for one day. Good night, Diary.

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