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The Daily Roundup: here's what you might've missed

Ross Miller

Amazon Kindle DX review
Here's the one-line summary of the Kindle DX: It's Kindle 2 with a larger screen, hair-trigger orientation sensor, and an awful keyboard.
Palm webOS 1.0.3 update now available
Looks like the first post-Pre-launch webOS update is now being pushed out -- Pre owners, get ready for 13MB of 1.0.3 awesome.
Alleged shot of Motorola Morrison for T-Mobile has us swinging wildly betwixt love and disgust
Is the world ready for a white, black, and shiny metallic blue Android phone?
Other news of import
Meijer's brand new $99 (shipped) Blu-ray player brings joy to skinflints everywhere
It's easy to over look its lack of surround sound analog outputs or Profile 2.0 support for the cheapest new Blu-ray player we've ever seen.
Nokia N86 8MP and N97 launching in UK today
Most of us have our sights squarely fixed on the iPhone 3G S launch today, but in the UK, there are a couple of other heavyweights that are finally hitting retail.

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