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Blue Jeans Cable shows off 100-ft unamplified HDMI cable

Steven Kim

News releases about cable generally come in somewhere between "meh" and "pfft" on our interest-ometer, but this one we couldn't pass up. Blue Jeans Cable, the one-time victim of that cable company, has demoed real quality HDMI cables without the hype. Getting more than about 30-feet of HDMI cable to make good on its "just plug it in, and it works" promise has always been challenging, but Blue Jeans showed off a 100-foot stretch of its 23.5AWG HDMI cable carrying 1080p/60 material at InfoComm this week. No exotic lights, ferrite beads, cryogenic gimmickry or even speed rating here, just quality bulk Belden wire with Bonded-Pair technology that maintains a constant cable impedance and keeps all those bits flowing in synch. Sure, $266 for a 100-foot stretch (shorter lengths are available) of Blue Jeans' Series-1 HDMI cable isn't the cheapest, but you're paying for quality.

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