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iPhone 3G S Launch: Unboxing video, Steve Sande style


Ahhhh. The smell of new electronics, released from their cardboard box after a week long journey from Shenzhen, China to Highlands Ranch, Colorado. The texture of a clean, fresh iPhone encased in its plastic wrapper. The fun of finding not one, but two little Apple stickers in your package.

Yeah, it's unboxing time at the Sande household. It's my turn to take you through the delivery of not one, but two iPhone 3G S phones on 6/19/09, followed by the luscious views of a young, unsullied iPhone being taken out of a box and activated (well, not quite).

For those of you who bought your iPhone 3G S's on Friday, this will be a fond remembrance; if you didn't buy the latest iPhone, this is a cruel temptation to get you to exercise your credit or debit card at your local Apple or AT&T store. Enjoy the view!

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