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Acer's behemoth M900 reviewed, sounds like a must-skip

Chris Ziegler

As Windows Mobile devices go, it's virtually impossible for an entrant in the game not to be compared to HTC, and Acer's M900 is a prime example -- the specs look great on paper, but it's pretty much got to stand toe-to-toe with the Touch Pro2 to get any time in the limelight. Pocketnow did the honors with the landscape QWERTY slider, finding that the screen's great -- what's not to love about a 3.8-inch WVGA display, after all -- and the Samsung processor blazes, but the firmware load is buggy (not to mention downright crappy-looking compared to TouchFLO), free RAM's hard to come by, and virtually everything about the hardware feels cheap. At over $600 unlocked, it's a tough pill to swallow, particularly in the US where you've got to find an importer you know, trust, love, and play canasta with on Thursday evenings.

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