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Japanese hardware sales, June 8 - June 14: Father figure edition

Yo, popses! Old men! Dads! How did your specialest of special days go? Got lots of sweet gifts? Perhaps an assortment of patriotic ties? A cavalcade of Blu-ray sci-fi flicks (or sports biographies, depending on the degree of your own outdoorsiness)? A veeedeo game or two? A veeedeo game console, perhaps -- if you have the best kids ever. However, this isn't a forum to talk about the offerings of the fruits of your significant other's labors -- this is a tribute to you, pops. Our gift to you, in lieu of flagties:

"Hey, great work."

What? You wanted more? You've already got a minature version of yourself scampering about -- what else could you possibly want? Fine, we'll stick with delivering sales figures from faraway lands, and you stick to raising your spawn. It's an arrangement that's worked out for a couple years now. Let's not tamper with it.

- DSi: 36,872 1,911 (4.93%)
- PSP: 26,904 2,166 (7.45%)
- Wii: 18,442 1,265 (7.36%)
- PS3: 10,009 164 (1.61%)
- Xbox 360: 8,015 1,390 (20.98%)
- DS Lite: 5,408 256 (4.52%)
- PS2: 3,498 598 (14.60%)

[Source: Media Create]

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