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Palm Treo Pro relaxes out of the spotlight, sheds $150

Chris Ziegler

At $549, you might say that the Treo Pro is a tough pill to swallow in the face of ever-sexier competition from other WinMo devices and Palm's own Pre -- but at $399 fully unlocked, it becomes a more interesting proposition. For four bills, Palm's now offering a fully unlocked, Windows Mobile Professional device with a 320 x 320 display, US-spec HSDPA, and a new-look industrial design that -- in retrospect, anyway -- foretells the Pre's design more than it pays homage to the Treos that preceded it. For the record, that's $150 off, which undercuts some of the traditionally inexpensive resellers like Amazon -- pretty crazy for a first-party store. Any takers?

[Via Brighthand]

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