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Rumor: Warner Bros. wants Codemasters


It appears that Codemasters could become a paid-for adopted sibling in the Warner Bros. Interactive family, if a VG247 article is to be believed. Meanwhile, a follow-up report by indicates that a Codemasters rep declined to comment, saying, "Everything is fine here." Indeed!

In some ways, we're surprised it took this long for the story to drop. After all, at this year's E3 all of Codemasters' titles were shown at the Warner Bros. booth. We've yet to hear back from Codemasters, but WBIE was kind enough to inform us that it doesn't "comment on rumors or speculation." Shame, really. We were hoping to hear "everything is fine" there too. If true, Warner Bros. is on the acquisition warpath, which it hasn't been shy about. The company currently has a $33 million bid out for Midway. Hey WBIE, what do you know about Joystiq Publishing ...

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