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Rumorang: Survey suggests Netflix streaming on Wii


A survey we reported on back in March about the possibility of Netflix video streaming on the Nintendo Wii has popped up again on our radar, but this time with one very noticeable difference. Today, a former Joystiq staff member was given a similar survey to fill out, but instead of the $10 charge for the "Netflix Instant Streaming Disc" mentioned in the previous questionnaire, this time it noted the disc would be "available for free."

We contacted both Nintendo and Netflix for comment. The House of Mario had nothing to say on the matter. A Netflix spokesperson informed us, "Netflix is always looking for ways to expand its service, but for now our game platform is the Xbox 360."

We'll say exactly what we said last time: This survey in no way validates that Netflix support is confirmed for the Wii, but it wouldn't be the least bit shocking that the service would want to tap into the Wii's "particular" demographic.

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