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Turn by Turn navigation in the App Store -- from AT&T

Mel Martin

The company that iPhone users either love or hate has just surprised everyone with a turn by turn navigation solution now available at the app store. While app is free, to use it you'll have to pay AT&T US$9.99 a month, which is charged to your monthly bill.

AT&T Navigator [App Store] is part of a partnership with TeleNav, and it gives voice directions, along with automatic rerouting and real time traffic updates.

The app will find the lowest gas prices along the way, but it doesn't integrate with your address book for entering destinations. You can enter destinations from a PC or Mac, and sync them to your iPhone.

The maps are not on your phone, so if you lose data reception, good bye navigation.

The app requires an iPhone running OS 3.0. AT&T offers this service on some of their other smartphones, so I guess it wasn't a surprise to see it on Apple devices. This will be good for competition, as we await the announced product from TomTom and others who are keen to profit from the demand for navigation services.

If any of our readers try this app, we'd be interested in your thoughts.

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