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UK: Buy LEGO Battles, get a ticket to LEGOLAND


Attention UK readers, Warner Bros. is running an interesting promotion for its DS RTS title, LEGO Battles, which is set to release in the region next week. MCV reports that the game will include vouchers for free entry into LEGOLAND Windsor. Specifically, the vouchers allow a child to enter the park for every paying adult. In other words, full grown adults will still have to pay full admission regardless, but the kids can come along for free (so long as you bring enough adults along).

So, all you adult gamers won't be getting a free pass. Of course, being full grown adults, you'd never play something as silly as LEGO Battles, would you? Of course not. Neither would we. Never.

We've contacted Warner Bros. to see if this promotion will be making it to North America as well. Considering it's already been released in North America -- and we haven't heard any full-grown children screaming with glee -- we're not holding our breath.

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