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Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! becomes a download-only game


There are multiple reports (on IGN and Siliconera) of pre-orders being canceled for NIS America's upcoming PSP game, Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Ever Do to Deserve This?. When we contacted NIS America for comment, the publisher noted that "the game will be coming out," but didn't provide specifics. Today, we can report that Badman will be releasing exclusively as a PlayStation Network download for $19.99. Considering the unique pick up and play nature of Badman, coupled with the upcoming digital-only PSP Go, it makes a lot of sense why Badman will release as a downloadable title.

While Badman makes sense as a downloadable title, we're a little surprised that the UMD version had to be canned. NIS America told us that "we wanted to make UMD for it, but Sony doesn't allow dual release (UMD & PSN) until Oct. 1st. We are super bummed about it!" Well, now you know who to blame.

Check out gameplay footage of the unusual game after the break.


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